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Intellectual Property

The intellectual property regained a special attention and importance, the rights of intellectual property being the regulation object of certain new laws, blended with the international law.

We provide for our customers consultancy, counselling on legal provisions, and also representation before a court of law, services in different issues like:
  • negotiation/drafting editing agreements, theatrical representation or musical execution, reproduction of a work of art
  • assistance in order to cession patrimonial author rights on literary, artistic or scientific works, as well as of intellectual creation
  • assisting/representation in real estate litigations (claim, evacuation, delimitation of property boundaries, joint possession terminations, cancelling works);
  • assistance in case of computer programs – permanent or temporary reproduction of a program, fully or partially; operations regarding translation, adaptation, as well as any other transformations of a computer program;
  • operations regarding the distribution and closing the original or copies of a computer program
  • registration of names and brands at the competent authorities