The „Coman Giorgiu” law practice is incorporated based on the law 51/1995 and provides legal consultancy and representation in complex issues in the Romanian economy. The vitality, expediency and good knowledge of regulations and practice make the “Coman Giorgiu” lawyers team a partner you can count on, at any moment. We think that only through a thorough knowledge of the law in a certain field and also a relevant experience, we can provide our clients with the best legal opinion in their field of work. We shed light in the most complicated and complex matters. Due to our knowledge, experience and dedication, we solve the most serious issues our clients have. In the same time, we are capable of showing loyalty, professional integrity and determination even when our client’s case can be solved only in a court of law.

The team is under the coordination of the lawyer Giorgiu Coman who stands out through vast competencies in the field of commercial, criminal, competition law, insolvency and intellectual property. The specializations he established in and is well known for, represent the key of success for him and his clients.

Any company needs, occasionally or constantly, different types of legal assistance or consultancy from a lawyer, starting with drafting agreements or other legal documents, up to consultancy for minimizing fiscal taxes or other projects within the company. Our law practice is ready, after years of work, to provide complete services in this field.

The consultancy can be performed occasionally, regarding a certain project of our clients, but also permanently.

The legal assistance agreement includes:

  • Clients’ representation before courts of law, in every step of the first instance-appeal-extraordinary means of attack type of trial;
  • Clients’ representation before authorities, public and private institutions, in supporting their interests, as well as in insuring the defence and complying with their rights;
  • Clients’ representation and/or assistance within legal conciliation procedures, conventional procedures to amicably solve litigations, based on negotiation plans, by applying and especially developing the integrative negotiation frame;
  • Drafting actions for the court, counterstatements, appeals, second appeals, challenges to annul, as well as other procedure requests;
  • Providing legal assistance in elaborating the recovery plans for receivables the client has in contradiction with different debtors;
  • Providing legal assistance within the foreclosure procedure, legal bankruptcy and liquidation procedures of the clients’ debtors;
  • Drafting requests, representation and assistance before The European Court of Human Rights.
  • Drafting requests, representation and assistance before the National and International Arbitrage Courts.

What we provide:

  • Accomplishing professional objectives
  • Service quality
  • Keeping the professional secret and confidentiality
  • Communication and availability