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Commercial Law

According to the legal and economic context in Romania, we adapted to the market’s requirements, specializing on the most important and frequent commercial issues.

In the vast field of the commercial law, we provide our clients with solutions and legal advice in the following issues:
  • Commercial Agreements,
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Public bids;
  • Bidding;
  • Capital markets;
  • Commercial fraud;
  • Commerce funds;
  • Conditions for exercising the commercial activity;
  • Professional obligations of the merchants;
  • Companies – incorporation, counselling, legal applicable regime;
  • General Assembly of Associates, company management, censors;
  • Amendment of companies;
  • Dissolution and liquidation;
  • Dividends, profit, reserve fund;
  • Administrator’s responsibility;
  • Litigations of the shareholding, sharing the profit/dividends;
  • Commercial obligations;
  • Consultancy and drafting commercial agreements;
  • Commercial securities: bill, cheque, promissory note;
  • Legal reorganization and bankruptcy;
  • Privatization – legal diligence reports;
  • Financing and leasing operations.