About us

Who we are

The legal practice “Coman Giorgiu” provides assistance – representation at the level of all courts of competent jurisdiction: Courts of Law, Courts, Appeal Courts, High Court of Cassation and Justice in Romania and permanently collaborates with Legal practices in: Austria, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

Reliability, professionalism, first class and ethical services, full legal services and documented legal assistance, adapted to the legal standards and specific requirements in every field, provide success to those who trust and call for the services the office provides.


Mission and Values

We strongly believe in human and professional values, in change, innovating ideas, modernity, in each and one of you and the balance combined with the direct communication that we can achieve.

Because the main purpose is the best achievement of our clients’ interests, the focus being based on understanding the client’s needs, offering exceptional services, we manage to maintain long-term relationships with them.

We start from the idea that the success of each case depends on the success of our Law practice. There are no big or small clients, big or small successes. There is only the trust in succeeding, supported by the competency and dedication of the lawyers within the practice. Each case is unique. Therefore, the legal solutions we provide are adapted to each and every client. Only so we can be certain that we always obtain the best results. The relation we have with our clients is a partnership one, based on mutual comprehension, trust and honesty, where both parties win.